Types of Commercial Doors

Due to the nature of their usage, commercial and industrial garage doors are subject to a lot of wear and tear. As such, they need to be extremely durable so that they can withstand the usage. This is why industrial and commercial garage doors are made thicker, more durable and from stronger material than residential doors. This is why it is essential that you have the right type of commercial or industrial garage door for your business needs. Having it installed correctly is crucial for you to run your company on a daily basis without the worry that someone will be harmed by faulty repairs or installation. Listed below are some of the different types of domestic and industrial doors that you can have installed, as well as the situations that are perfect for their usage.

1.    One Piece Doors

This is a simple door, which swings up and then can be secured or propped back into the work area. Although not as common as other types, these are still found in older workspaces.

2.    Sectional Doors

Also known as overhead garage doors, these are constructed of multiple sections horizontally arrayed on top of each other, instead of one large piece. Many years ago, sectional garage doors started replacing one-piece doors.

3.    Roll Up Doors

Sometimes called service doors, these are devised to roll up and be stored above the opening of the workspace. They are usually installed in areas that require an augmentation in security or fortification form extreme weather. These doors are also common.

4.    Aluminum Doors

These doors have dual uses: they can be used as partitions in office spaces or as primarily external doors. They are commonly used in workspaces that have a need to utilize both outdoor and indoor spaces, as they give the workspace an increase in light and greater visibility.

5.    Counter Doors

These are lightweight doors made for internal spaces. They are designed to effortlessly cordon off smaller workspaces or to open and close over countertops when needed. They are a type of rolling door, and are most often seen in concession stands and pharmacies.

6.    Service Doors

Commonly found inside of workspaces, these doors are made up of slats that can be pierced to increase airflow and/or visibility. Often made of stainless steel and aluminum, these have the added facility of being able to be painted over to match the colors of your workspace.

7.    Security Grilles

These are versatile doors that can be designed to roll from bottom to top or side-to-side. These doors are comprised almost completely of slats to allow greater visibility, and do not entirely block off a space. They are usually employed for security and safety purposes, such as in malls or schools.


Commercial and industrial garage doors come in a variety of materials, mechanisms and types. Depending on your needs, there are numerous types of doors that can be chosen to best fit your workspace. Listed above are only 7 of numerous types of commercial and industrial doors.

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