Your Platinum Ring – the proper Way of Caring for It

JewelleryDue to its durability, Platinum has become a precious metal, which is the virtual standard when it comes to quality. This is why platinum has become a popular choice when it comes to wedding rings. It symbolises lasting relationship for the two individual who have exchanged their vows.

Unlike other metals, this one does not tarnish, turn colour or fade. However, like everything that age, it also takes distinctive patina. As you wear it repeatedly, it will scratch just like other jewellery metals. Do not let your platinum ring lose its beauty over time. With proper caring, you can maintain its shine and brilliance regardless of how many years passed. Here is how you can do just that.

Caring for your Platinum Ring

  • Before you use any chemicals such as abrasives and bleach, remove your ring first. The chemicals can damage your ring and cause scratches on it.
  • When you are doing heavy labors such or you are out for gardening, do not wear your platinum ring while you are on it.
  • Your platinum ring must be stored in different compartment away from your other jewellery so as scratching can be avoided.
  • After your ring was subjected to a hard impact, it must be checked by a professional. If you can make the check up bi-annually, you should do so. This is how you will ensure that the gemstones in it remain secure in the setting.
  • When the ring needs to be repaired or in need of size alteration, see to it that the jeweller who performs the task uses platinum stock for the work. Some technicians are usually using white gold in the process. This will only cause dark markings on the solder points of your ring.

Cleaning Platinum Ring – the Right Way

  • Cleaning of the ring must be done regularly. Use a cleaner formulated especially for the platinum jewellery. You can also make your own solution of warm water and mild soap as an alternative.
  • Scrub the metal as gently as you can while using soft toothbrush.
  • Under warm water, rinse it thoroughly and avoid sink drain.
  • Use lint-free and clean cloth to dry it.
  • If your platinum ring has a gemstone mounted on it, make sure that you will not brush or even soak the delicate stone especially stones such as emerald, topaz, tanzanite and opal. For the proper and detailed care for the gemstone, you must check it out with a professional jeweller.

Platinum rings can attract many with its sheer beauty. However, we must also put an effort to keep the beauty intact. Regardless of how durable the metal, as time goes by, patina will show and ruin the beauty it once possess.

It may have great quality standard but we also need to care for it. Caring for our platinum rings is very simple. We just need to ingrain it in our minds that we need to do the step regularly. We love our platinum ring, caring for it will not be a burden at all.

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